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Aly + Cody Engagement

The one where they are ENGAGED!!! & we are all jumping out of excitement! If you have been a follower of my photography , you know that I photograph Aly as well as Aly & Cody quite a bit. So when Cody asked me to capture their suprise proposal I immediatly said yes and started to help him plan the perfect proposal. These two are dreamy , down to earth and easily two of the greatest friends I have! Lets get yall Married!

The love these two share is unbreakable! During my trip to Huntsville Arkansas, I visited the Morris Family Farm, a farm pased down generation to generation where we captured these oh so sweet engagement photos. On the Morris family land not only do they raise cattle , they ride horses, hunt and continue the traditions of Aly's family. A fun fact : they also have a rodeo arena where they have hosted many play days, and ranch rodeos; a truly one of a kind family. Now for a intro to Aly, she is a force to be reckened with, her love for god shines so bright through her personality and she is always cheerful. Aly short for Alysia is one of those women that anyone would be blessed to call her a friend. Cody was absolutely meant for her, their relationship aligns just like the stars in the sky, his love for god and his love for Aly is one in the same. Now if you know him personally youll know that he is a bullfighter and quite the danger enthuisiest all things that most women would be afraid of, yet Aly is always right by him cheering him on and supporting him. Heres to Aly & Cody; soulmates!

A sneak into this stunning gallery; if you love these images as much as I do just wait until their wedding photos { because EEEK I am sooo excited to capture their dreamy day filled with love }

If you are ever in Huntsville Arkansas, one of my favorite things to do in that area is to soak in the mountain air, enjoy the scenery & stop by the kings river country store for a slushee , a slice of homemade apple pie & a crispido!

-- Bethany Sanny Photo | Destination Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer

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