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Bailey + Jesse

A truly stunning gallery of Bailey and Jesse ; because how often do we get a warm day in January?

As you can see these two are often in front of my camera, and for this session I took a trip to Washburn Missouri. If you have ever been through the town of Washburn , you know it is small but quite connected and that is where these two decided to lay their roots for a while! Two things about photographing Bailey and Jesse; 1. We always bring horses along my FAV thing and 2. we always adventure My second FAV thing. So cowboy up because this gallery is full of beautiful images that capture the extreme love that they share for one another.

Two Soul Mates now connected as one.

Location : Washburn Missouri

Tags; Missouri Wedding Photographer , Missouri Couples Photographer, Arkansas Wedding Photographer, Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

All photos captured & edited by Bethany Sanny Photography

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