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Ally Bettes

Ummmm come on!!!! How freaking STUNNING are these images? Because I'm swooning over every image I have captured of Ally!

I put together a styled shoot because I wanted to introduce new content to my feed and to create images that show my creativity through them.. and that Is just what I did here!

LOOOOK at this image HOLY MOLY

When I asked Ally to model for me I dont think she realized just how much we were gonnna love these pictures let alone how much work we put in to make them happen haha!

I started planning this styled shoot in November and made it come to life in December, We had the arch built, we bought flowers and hand constructed the bouquet and arch floral pieces, I made a hat that I thought would fit the vibe I was going for & we started the search for an outfit that was wedding style but modern... and of course we always wait until the last minute and ended up finding a $5 romper from Ross! I bought lace fabric and turned that into a veil and bam the shoot was planned and we were headed outside to snap some images that at the time I knew I would but didn't actually realize how much I would love them until right after I started editing them hehe.


Arch - Home made by my lovely boyfriend and right hand man to all of my crazy ideas!

Floral - Bought From Hobby Lobby and put together by myself.

Hat - Cavenders brand cowboy hat that was handshaped and made custom by me.

Romper - Ross

All other details - Vintage Markets & Hobby Lobby

Now im sure you are ready for a gallery so here it is>>>>>>

If you havent participated in a styled shoot or hosted one what are you doing???? For Real Get these images yall!

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