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The Schafer's

A beautiful boho wedding, two souls that are meant to be and a warm October Saturday! If you know Katie and Drake you known that they are absolutely meant for each other, and the love they share is a special one. From the beggining these two have believed in my creativity and passion for being a photographer, they booked me for their wedding and from there it has been history. As a photographer the butterflies of booking a wedding never go away but that also goes to say that the butterflies of meeting someone for the first time who has put so much trust into you to capture their big moments, milestones and their precious memories is SCARY. Like so freakin scary, until its not. When I met Katie and Drake for their engagement session, we instantly clicked and to capture these two so deeply in love was a magical moment. From engagement pictures at Venue 105 , to their fall mini sess with their new little pup RAE LYNN on the land that they will once build their forever home on , to their fall wedding surrounded by the friends and family they love most each moment I have captured has been real, raw and full of intentional moments that showcase their love for one another, their personalities and their joyful hearts.

Missouri Wedding Photographer
Schafer Wedding

The big day October 8th 2022 at Venue 105 Carthage Missouri. They say women run in packs and oh is that true!! Katie's bridal party was full of spunk, full of laughter and tons of funny moments. The dancing while getting ready , everyone showcased their awesome moves & their jokes. But when I say this group of sisters and friends are closeknit I mean it. Now lets not forget about the groomsmen & Drake, these men could each crush a beer in .2 seconds while getting ready ; perfect for wedding day jitters! When it came to portaits of the bridal party all bridesmaids were saying get more funny ones, lets do this pose, wait lets all dance with Katie & that is what having a supportive group of friends is all about. The men, it was one two three click, " do we have to keep smiling" which turned into epic laughter, throwing Drake into the air and tons of fist bumps. Those moments will last a lifetime.

but my favorite moments of the entire day ( besides the vows & killer dance moves during the reception) was their mfirst look, I was SWOONING! They say you can see love written all over someones face when they are smitten with another persons soul and in this case that is true. As I set Drake up perfectly to wait Katies arrival, I could see the eagerness in his face... he was beyond ready to see his future bride. Katie touched his shoulder, and the smiles & tears broke loose, it was time to get these two married. Hand in Hand with mom and dad walking down the isle, family and friends gathering around & heartfelt vows that made everyone in the room tear up. Katies brother the officiant of the wedding spoke beautifuly the word of god, and pronoucned them Man and Wife. The night isnt over yet though, it was time to sneak away for those DREAMY & steamy sunset portraits of the SCHAFER'S, family photos to lock in the love and the grand entrance to what became the raddest reception full of killer dance moves, epic speeches.... wait a minute were stopping right here. The Speeches- The Maid of Honor speech to be exact, I was let in on a little secret early in the day ; that secret being that after the moh speech they would be projecting a video of Katies Grandfather that was no longer with them onto the big screen. This video was not just any ordinary video, it was a tribute to Katie of him singing " Brown Eyed Girl" because Katie was in fact his brown eyed girl - if you are a brown eyed girl then you will understand this song is a heartjerker & not one set of eyes in the room was dry. The rest of the evening was filled with dancing, the traditional cake cutting & a few laps around the venue before we sent them on their way to prepare for their honeymoon!

Enjoy a look into their big day filled with laughter, friends and family and a whole lot of love!

Introducing the Schafer's!

Photographed by Bethany Sanny Photography

Venue : Venue 105 Carthage Missouri

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